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To visit the historic coastal villages and the lakeside sides, ports and docks (Maccagno, Lavena Ponte Tresa, Porto Valtravaglia) of the Lombard shore; let's not forget to satisfy the palate too: the nuclei inhabited by the environment are in fact the places where ancient recipes are still handed down and the journey to make of typical products such as cheeses, honey, cold cuts. The "Strada dei Sapori delle Valli Varesine" affects the entire mountain region of the province of Varese, integrating the agricultural sector with the tourist-hotel-restaurant and real estate sector through numerous itineraries (including cycle paths), gastronomic souvenirs.


Apicoltura Natura is located between Laveno Mombello and Leggiuno, at the beginning of Valcuvia, in a splendid natural context surrounded by green meadows and gardens with chestnut woods. The base for the production of honey and its derivatives was handed down by an elderly beekeeper in the early 1900s and it can be reached by the company to still reach the podium at the sector's livestock fairs.


Cascina Pianoforte between Angera and Ranco has as its purpose the enhancement of indigenous vines, reproducing the abandoned part in a different way and the selection of new possibilities to be included in the IGT "Ronchi Varesini". In the vineyard and in the cellar, Cascina Piano makes use of "Ampelidea" advice which guides the use of new cultivation and winemaking techniques. The design of the labels inspired by the frescoes of the territories, the first names of the wines referring to local history and toponymy and the dialectal titles and rhymes relating to the bottles tell the story of the local historians and artists.

The promotion includes a stay of one or more nights in a Superior room and includes:

  • Rich breakfast buffet in the morning
  • Dinner for two à la carte from our restaurant

Cost € 90.00